When I found Amy, I was on my second attempt to follow the FODMAP diet, having suffered with IBS for the best part of 40 years. I had managed the elimination phase before on my own, but had given up on the reintroductions, as I found it all so confusing and overwhelming. My request to Amy before we started to work together was to help me define a list of foods I could safely eat, without wreaking havoc on my stomach and body overall. But it's not easy to do this alone, and Amy is gently guiding and leading me through this minefield. She really understands IBS and FODMAP! Week by week, we not only discuss foods and digestion, but sleep and energy, so that I'm learning how to understand my body better. I now realise and believe that IBS can actually be managed and does not have to dominate my life, and this gives me so much courage for the future. I cannot recommend her highly enough, or thank her for always making me smile with her positive can-do attitude.  

- Aisling (Brussels, Belgium)

Amy inspired me to be stronger in every way, giving me tools that allowed me to tap into the best me. What’s different about Amy is that she actually listens and her motto is always: “I have a tool for that!” When Amy boasts a judgment-free zone, believe that you’re getting someone who embraces you for who you are - it’s not about “fixing” because in Amy’s estimation: you’re not broken. With Amy, you get accountability and support. Amy encourages who you are as an individual and she will help you achieve your goals with energy and resources you often didn’t realize you had. I would sign up with Amy again! She has made me a better mom, wife, and person. Go ahead and flip your leaf!

- Liana (New York, USA)

When I started the Flip Your Leaf program, I was kind of at my wit’s end. My body hurt all. the. time, I had no energy, and I felt so defeated I wasn’t even really sure what I wanted my life to look like. Amy helped me get real clarity around where I wanted to be in 90 days and we set right to it. In just a few weeks I didn’t need daily naps to survive each day, living in my body didn’t feel like metal grinding on metal, and my diet did a complete 180. But the best part is, Amy was able to create a plan that really reflected the life I wanted to live. Now I’m on track to smash my goals and I don’t feel like I have to choose between having energy, feeling healthy, and living the exact life I want. If you’re looking for an accountability partner who can challenge you to dream big, coach Amy has the perfect balance of tough love, kindness, and genuine understanding to get you there.

- Alex (Ontario, Canada)

Working with Amy has been such a blessing. She’s encouraging and supportive while gently holding me accountable. I’ve travelled through a journey of healing for almost two decades. Amy has been able to pick up where I am currently, while also going back and helping me to change mindsets where it was healthy to do so. I appreciated her ability to truly tailor this program to me. She has created so many beneficial tools, and when we came up against something where we needed something different, she creatively came up with something new just for me. Sometimes investing in ourselves can be hard. As someone who works in health and wellness myself, it’s also difficult to find someone to work with who is able to really support and lead you in a new way. I would say that Amy is well worth the investment and if you do the work, you will definitely feel changes happening. Seeing Amy each week was also a highlight and getting to talk and discuss with her was so pleasant. I highly recommend working with Amy. 

- Rachel (Florida, USA)

When I came to Amy I was burned out, overwhelmed, and I felt like food was controlling my life. I thought Amy would help me create a meal plan to help me get my body back on track. But instead, she created a custom program that completely changed my life. By making tiny changes week after week, I was able to take back control of my diet, create a healthier relationship with my body, and even empower myself to launch a new career. But she made it so easy I didn’t realize how far I’d come until she listed all of my “victory pennies” for me. Amy and her magic coaching toolbox helped me hand-craft the life I wanted, and I will be forever grateful I had the opportunity to work with her.

- Dayle (Alberta, Canada)

Grumpy gut investigation

(12 week program)

Feeling a little out of whack these days? Together we'll learn your body’s unique language and discover what kind of food, movement, and rest help your insides run smoothly!

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FODMAP diet intensive

(16 week program)

Need to start the low FODMAP diet? Don't panic! Together we'll create a customized plan to get you through the program in a way that's safe, easy, and hopefully, a little fun!

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Unleash your sass!

(12 week program)

Craving some big-time health or lifestyle changes? Together, we'll make a plan to help you reach your health, weight loss, or lifestyle goals and make them stick for good!

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